The Time Couldn’t Be Better to Sell

Sell San Ramon Home

Is now a time to sell?  In the past, the answer to this question has often been contingent on a variety of factors; this is not one of those times.  In short, now is most definitely the time to sell.  In fact, it has been years since we have had such a strong seller’s market.

So what’s so special about now?  The largest single factor is that there is a shortage of homes on the market in the Bay Area.  The old simple rule of supply and demand is being well demonstrated. It’s interesting to note that this trend is holding true in many other areas of the country as well.

There are many investors looking to buy homes as a way to keep their money safe. With this dynamic comes another factor that is very compelling for those looking to sell, namely, cash offers.  That’s right, there are lots of cash offers out there.

All of these aspects may be making life rough for first time homebuyers who are looking for a great deal, but it is definitely a good thing, a very good thing, for sellers.  The increase in demand and the low supply are mixing with factors, such as all cash offers from investors, to make it a truly excellent and unique time to sell.

Sellers Moving to Other Areas

Another interesting trend to note was recently covered in an SFGate article called, “Families flee S.F. for East Bay with cheaper homes.”  This piece discussed the fact that many San Francisco homes have even exceeded their peak values.  As a result, sellers are choosing to move to areas like Oakland where they can find less expensive homes that offer more space.

Should You Put Your Home on the Market?

Now is definitely a great time.  After all, with market conditions so plainly in favor of home sellers, why wait?  The truth of the matter is that there are no real good reasons to delay.  Mortgage rates may have ticked up slightly, but they are still at historic lows, which increase a buyer’s purchasing power.  Plus, you can still enjoy low interest rates when you buy a new home.

There are more homebuyers out there than ever, and the word has gotten out that there is a lot of competition.  People are hearing the stories regarding just how fast home prices are going up.  They are also hearing about homes selling for far more than the asking price.  Stories of this kind are making people nervous and forcing their hands.

Those who would like to wait another year or two before buying are worried that they might be priced out of the market if they wait.  This pressure means that many who were setting on the sidelines are now getting active.  Of course, this pattern won’t last forever, as home prices will not continue to rise at this pace indefinitely!  But competition is good for you as a homeowner.  So, in short, now is the time to explore your options and take advantage of this hot seller’s market.

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