San Ramon Unified School District Top Ranked in California

San Ramon Unified Schools Top Ranked in CaliforniaAs a local relator in the San Ramon Valley, a topic of conversation that comes up regularly is the school district. I speak with families all the time who want to move here because San Ramon Valley Unified is so highly rated, and has such a great reputation. Most of the credit for this high level of excellence goes to the wonderful teachers, and staff in the schools and the district, who work very hard to provide the best possible education for our children.

This high level of educational excellence was recently reflected with a very high ranking on the website With over 35 schools in the district and an annual budget over $250M San Ramon Unified School District (SRVUSD) came in 20th out of 378 eligible school districts according to Niche’s ranking criteria.

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San Ramon Valley Schools – Are Your Children’s Immunizations Current?

San Ramon Valley Schools Vaccinations RequirementsI may be showing my age, but does anyone remember that grade school game called “butts up”? The one where for some unknown reason we would convince a group of friends to line up palms facing the wall?  Said friends would then bend in towards the wall to create a sort of target with their backsides, while we or someone else (if we found ourselves facing concrete) threw a tennis ball or racquet ball at our behinds – like shooting cans off a fence.  If you lasted long enough to avoid being hit, then you were rewarded by being the next person who could throw. If you were the thrower and missed, you quickly found yourself standing next to your friends. [Read more…]