San Ramon Valley Events – August 2014

 San Ramon Valley Events was created to bring all the fun and exciting events to you in one place. Our hope is that you will use the information to get out there and enjoy what San Ramon and Danville have to offer. From time to time this will also include raising awareness about important events that will have a large impact on our cities.

The hot topic of conversation for many of us these past few months has been the new proposed development called the “Faria Development”. This development will add 740 new homes to San Ramon and will drastically alter the hillside near Deerwood and Bollinger Canyon roads. The concern by many of the residents of San Ramon is that it is too big of a development and will put a large strain on the resources, environment, roads, and schools in the area. [Read more…]

San Ramon Valley Events – May 2014

Hello Everyone,

This past weekend my girls and I went up to Las Trampas for a walk. It had been many years since I had been up there, so it was like visiting for the first time. We ended up spending a couple of hours there and had a lot of fun. We walked a couple different paths, stopped to blow bubbles  (at 3 year old Sophia’s request). We had an impromptu picnic off the side of the trail, and made a decent effort to get to the top of the Bollinger Creek Loop Trail which climbs about 2000 feet. Not the easiest task when you are pushing a double stroller, but the views are amazing and definitely worth the effort. In the end the kids had a blast, I got a decent amount of exercise, and was able to spend a couple of priceless hours with my girls. [Read more…]

High Rental Rates Attract Home Buyers in the San Ramon Valley

High Rental Rates Attract Home Buyers in the San Ramon Valley

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Any family looking to relocate to the San Ramon Valley may face a bit of shock as the rental prices for single family homes continue to be in favor of the landlord.

The San Ramon Valley continues to be a popular place to raise a family.  Its vicinity to popular vacation destinations and working hubs such as San Francisco and Silicon Valley make the areas surrounding San Ramon and Danville very attractive.  With its excellent schools, bountiful parks, quaint restaurants, retail outlets, and miles of beautiful trails, the San Ramon Valley tends to command a higher price tag. [Read more…]