3 Tips to Making a Good Home Impression

What's your home's Curb Appeal WorthThe term first impression is usually used to refer to people we first meet and where we instantly create a mental image of them.   The image we create of the person is either favorable or slightly lacking until we get to know them better.  The same applies to homes.  If you are looking to buy or sell a home, the home also has the potential to make either a favorable or slightly lacking first impression, as well.

A home’s first impression is often referred to as “Curb Appeal”.  Curb Appeal is defined as “the general attractiveness of a house from the street or sidewalk”. It is a term that most people probably only consider when selling their home. While that’s a very important time, it’s good for us to remember that Curb Appeal is something we should pay attention to all the time. Proper maintenance and upkeep of our homes is an important factor that affects the entire neighborhood. [Read more…]

The Time Couldn’t Be Better to Sell

Sell San Ramon Home

Is now a time to sell?  In the past, the answer to this question has often been contingent on a variety of factors; this is not one of those times.  In short, now is most definitely the time to sell.  In fact, it has been years since we have had such a strong seller’s market.

So what’s so special about now?  The largest single factor is that there is a shortage of homes on the market in the Bay Area.  The old simple rule of supply and demand is being well demonstrated. It’s interesting to note that this trend is holding true in many other areas of the country as well. [Read more…]

Q&A with San Ramon Real Estate Broker – Mike Continillo

San Ramon Real Estate Broker Mike ContinilloSan Ramon Real Estate Broker – Mike Continillo

Mike Continillo is a San Ramon Real Estate Broker and co-owner of Villa Properties.  To provide a better perspective of the San Ramon and the San Ramon Real Estate market, we asked Mike a few questions:

Why you decided to open up a location in San Ramon?

I was born and raised in The San Ramon Valley, so I know what a great place this is to live. I moved away for a few years, but have returned back with my family, and I am very happy to be back home.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a San Ramon Real Estate Agent

San Ramon Real Estate Agent

Choosing the right San Ramon Real Estate Agent:


When it comes time to find a San Ramon real estate agent and get down to buying or selling a home, there are certainly quite a few things to consider. After all, your home is typically your largest and most important investment – not to mention the place where you spend most of your time! Because of that, it’s critical that you make it a point to make a wise decision with your home and what you choose when it comes to picking a real estate agent.

But with real estate agents, how can you tell the good from the bad? And what can you do to pick one that will work for you? Here are just a few major ideas to work with when it comes to picking the best real estate agent for your needs:

Their Experience

First and foremost, experience matters! If it didn’t, after all, you could pick any old person to be an agent – but that’s just not the case. Pick an agent based on their experience and background, as they can parlay that experience into working for you when it comes to getting a good deal and a good price for your home, and a great experience for your real estate event.  Don’t forget to review their realtor testimonials.

Their Familiarity With Your Neighborhood

Is your real estate agent familiar with your neighborhood? Do they know what is going on and what is happening with your neighborhood, and home values and prices in the area? A good agent will fully understand the neighborhood, and realize how to get the most out of your home in due time – make sure that you have an agent who can fully understand this, and pull up what needs to be pulled up when it comes to applicable numbers and trends in your community.

Is There a Relationship?

When you work with a San Ramon real estate agent, you may be spending quite a bit of time with this person showing your house off, preparing it for sale, and seeing other homes in the area. For that reason, it’s critical that you have a relationship with that person, and a full and complete friendship with them that gets off on the right foot. If you don’t like your real estate agent, it may be more difficult to find common ground with them – make it a point to find and build a relationship with a realtor that you can trust and enjoy being around!

Are Your Goals In Alignment?

Finally, are your goals in alignment? Do they know your price point, the amount of sale you’d like to make, and your eventual goals for both buying and selling? If the agent’s goal is to sell as quickly as possible for the first offer, and you want to sell for the highest price even if it takes a longer amount of time, your goals may clash and you may not be in alignment. Make sure that any good real estate agent is on the same page as you are to ensure a good experience when it comes to choosing a real estate agent for your needs!

Looking for a San Ramon Real Estate Agent?  Villa Properties can help.  Email us today or call (925)519-0794  for a free comparative market analysis to help you understand the real value of your current home.

Time to Sell Your San Ramon Home? A few things to consider first:

sell your san ramon home

How do you know if it is the right time to sell your San Ramon home?

So you’ve finally made the decision, and you think you are ready to sell your San Ramon home. That’s great – congratulations! That being said, though, there are a few things that you need to consider before you can sell the home and make the move, and there are a few important things you have to take into account to make sure you are ready to sell your home. Let’s review:

How much is your current home worth?

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