San Ramon Valley Events – March 2014

Well the rain is FINALLY here and that’s a very good thing. We need it badly, so it’s a welcome sight. For those of us with young children, we all know that keeping them indoors for days on end can create lots of pent up energy just waiting to be released. The question then becomes where do we go so that they can run and play and be active, but stay out of the rain? I thought I would share a few fun options that Cynthia and I have explored with our girls.

One option would be to check out the programs that The City of San Ramon offers. ¬†¬†They have lots of classes and camps for kids of all ages which will allow them to sing, dance, tumble or learn in many different ways. Our girls are currently enrolled in the Kindermusik class, which they look forward to each week. [Read more…]