Preparing to Sell Your San Ramon Home in Winter

Preparing to Sell Your San Ramon Home in WinterThe chilly nights encompassing San Ramon as of late remind us that we are in the throes of winter.  This news is great for skiers and lovers of the cold, but creates a bit of anxiety for those having to put their home on the market during the colder months.

Ideally, February through May is the best time to list your home, but the reality is that people have to move at all times of the year and can’t wait for spring.

It’s no secret that winter can create more of a challenge with a slower market and potentially less prospective buyers, but the benefit of selling your home on the market is there is less competition.  With a few inexpensive adjustments to your home, you have an excellent opportunity to present your home in such a way that is irresistible to buyers.

Make Your Home Feel Warm and Cozy

You’ve gone through a lot of effort to draw people into your home.  With a few finishing touches, you can keep those prospective buyers in your home longer so they have a chance to look around and imagine themselves in your home.

Set the thermostat to a warm and comfortable temperature- this encourages prospective buyers from leaving too soon.

Light a fire – setting the right ambiance with a fire elicits feelings of warmth and coziness.

Add a throw to the bed or couch- adding personal touches appeals to the buyers’ sense of comfort and belonging and makes them feel right at home.

Bake a batch of cookies-the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies invokes happy thoughts and feelings of a cheerful home.  Other scents to use in moderation are vanilla, cinnamon, or apple cider.

Pay Particular Attention to the Lighting of Your Home:

Change light fixtures that do not enhance the lighting around the front of the house or the front door-providing an abundance of light creates a very welcoming feeling.

Clean all lamps and light fixtures and replace bulbs with as highest wattage as possible-use as much light as possible to accent the home.  People gravitate to a lit home and are dissuaded from a dark home which can appear gloomy and depressing.

Open all drapes and blinds-lighting is more limited this time of year- use what light you can and make sure all drapes and blinds are clean.  Showing your home during the day will payoff better than showing it at night when there is no natural lighting.

Play Soft Music

Setting the background music to classical songs soothes people and makes them want to stay longer and look around or ask questions.  Set the volume low enough so people are aware of it but not too high so that the sound is overwhelming.

Have Windows Professionally Cleaned

Invest money in a professional house cleaner- during winter, the southern light emphasizes the streaks on the windows and shows dirt and grime.  Homeowners who take the time and effort to clean their windows show pride and ownership in their home.  Dirty windows may be an indication that the home is not well-maintained and buyers may wonder what else owners have failed to keep up.

Use Timers For Inside and Outside Lights

Make certain your home is lit up even when you are not at home- set timers for the house to be well-lit at all times so that the home feels welcoming and inviting when drivers pass by at night.

Create a Festive Atmosphere

Make your home inviting- decorate the home with candles and fluffy towels.  Set the table as if you are having a dinner party.  Use festive holiday decorations minimally to enhance the warm and welcoming feeling and create the mood that your home is a place your potential buyers can see as their home.


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