– Connecting Neighbors Online

In October 2011, Nextdoor created the first social network for neighbors! Today with over 48,000 neighborhoods online, Nextdoor is becoming a common name and the new way to meet your neighbors. It provides a message board platform to easily share information with your neighbors.  This can help with anything from finding a lost pet, to forming a local crime watch team, to recommending your local handyman. Connecting Neighbors Online Villa Properties

More than just another social network

Unlike other social networking sites where you have hundreds of friends that span coast to coast and continents, Nextdoor users are verified as neighbors. Nextdoor uses a number of methods to verify your address such as an activation phone call, postcards or personal invitations from neighbors who have joined.

Nextdoor’s mission is “…to use the power of technology to build stronger and safer neighborhoods.” Based out of San Francisco, Nextdoor has partnered with National Night Out, New York City, The City of San Jose, and public agencies. Expanding beyond borrowing a cup of sugar, Nextdoor for Public Agencies enables local government to send specific information to specific neighborhoods or the entire city immediately.

For instance in our city of San Ramon, it might be used to notify specific neighborhoods of power outages, community events such as the new Civic Center and disaster services for example.

In a 2012 Harris Interactive Survey, 67% of homeowners felt safer in their home and neighborhood because they knew their neighbors.

Do you know your neighbors?

If you haven’t had the time to get to know your neighbors or to borrow that cup of sugar, getting on Nextdoor may help you. Their demo site illustrates how it looks and functions.