Sincerely, Home Buyer – Hand Write a Letter to Accompany Your Home Offer

Sincerely, Home Buyer – Hand Write a Letter to Accompany Your Home Offer
In today’s market, simply providing a higher offer on your potential new home may no longer be enough.  It’s vitally important to understand that there is a personal side to this business transaction, which in some cases can override a seller’s need for the highest price. It’s important to make a connection with the seller and let them know why you are the perfect person to be the next owner of their family home. A great way to do that is to write a letter to the seller. Just like wearing your best suit for your dream job, you’ll want to ensure you write the best words to land your potential dream home.

By “best words”, we mean adjectives that aptly convey your honest desire to live in the home where the sellers may have spent years, even generations, living and growing up.

Below are two real excerpts of letters you’ll find on the internet and why we like them:

“Thanks very much for considering our offer to purchase your home.”

Starting out acknowledging the current homeowners is smart, kind and conveys sincerity in the words that follow. This simple first sentence lays a credible foundation and sets the tone of the letter.  Our suggestion would be to change “Thanks” to “Thank you”. Thanks may often sound too casual and flippant.

“What we’ve been looking for is simple, a home we can see our little daughter [name] and our soon-to-arrive little one, growing up in through high school and beyond.”

Summarize in one or two sentences what it is about the home that draws you. If it’s close to good schools, or has the updated kitchen you’ve been looking for, then don’t be shy, write it. If it’s the amazing garden and mature fruit trees, let them know.

It is also a good idea to include information about who you are. Are you a young family looking for good schools, or a single professional looking for a home that is close to work? Including information about you and who you are will help create a personal connection with the sellers which will help them get to know you.

The main thing to remember is to be honest and sincere. It’s not about persuading the seller. It’s simply about taking the time to tell them a little about yourself and show them that this is important to you.

“Sincerely, Home Buyer”

You should close your letter thanking them again for considering your offer and how you intend to care for their home.  When purchasing a home that the current owners have spent years cultivating they want to know that their hard work is appreciated, valued, and sold to the best potential new occupants.

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