Getting to Know San Ramon – Trails Challenge 2015

Villa Properties Getting to Know San Ramon Trails Challenge 2015What do you think of when the month of February comes around?

Do you think Winter Rain, Valentine’s Day, American Heart Month or Trails Challenge? Chances are the latter barely creates a blip on your radar, but it should.

Here’s why the Trails Challenge should be on your yearly bucket list: Free Healthy Fun!

The Trails Challenge is a free event sponsored by the East Bay Regional Parks, East Bay Regional Parks Foundation, and Kaiser Permanente to promote health. It is based on the Healthy Parks Healthy People program by Parks Victoria in Australia. The belief is simple: “Nature is essential for human health and well-being.”

The Trails Challenge has been operating for 22 years with approximately 10,000 annual participants in this at-your-own-pace trails challenge. It is great for the individual and, equally great for families.

Nature Surrounds Us
Living in the San Ramon Valley affords us with open space, regional parks and trails for our limitless use. We are fortunate to have outdoor space so readily available for exploration.

This year’s program guide and log, features seven easy hikes for the beginner level and those with young children, six moderate hikes, and seven challenging hikes. Participants have until December 1, 2015 to complete five trails or 26.2 miles (hey, that’s a marathon!) worth of trails. Upon completion and submission of activity log, participants receive a commemorative pin.

In addition, East Bay Regional Parks have hikes available to register in their Activity section. These group led hikes are another great way to get outdoors with other people. Some of their hikes coming up include a Newt Hike for ages 9 and older, Early Blooms Hike, Dog Walks to name a few.

Spring break is coming up (!) – why not register and challenge your family and friends to complete five trails over the break? Or include your community (neighbors, school, church, play groups) and set up a challenge for the summer with tiered levels to make it achievable for everyone.

An example would be:

  • Level 1: first family or group to complete 5 of the trails listed in the guide (with photo and mileage proof);
  • Level 2: first individual or group to complete 26.2 miles of trails (photo and mileage proof);
  • Level 3: first individual or group to complete all Easy, Moderate and Challenging trails in the 2015 guide book.
The possibilities are only limited by your creativity, so sign up for the Trails Challenge and start creating fun wellness activities for you and your community of family and friends.
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